Dr. Darron Edwards

Darron Edwards serves as the Associate Director of Programs for GearUP. With more than two decades of experience, Dr. Edwards has been a leader in the evolving field of education, leadership and serving the community.  A well respected and talented educational leader who began his career as a Talent Search Agent, Edwards has always made student learning and achievement the focus of his work.

Recognized for his integrity, collaborative nature, and passion for doing what is best for students, Edwards served as the Principal of Ruleville Middle School from 2008-2009.  From there, Dr. Edwards transitioned to East Sunflower Elementary, Sunflower County Alternative School in 2009 and transitioned to Ruleville Central High School as Principal from 2010-2013, tasked with revitalizing the educational infrastructure due to his well-proven results in education.  In addition to implementing and enhancing curricular and extracurricular programs that reflected student achievement and growth in cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains, he maintained a $250,000 budget, fostered positive staff and student relations, increased community involvement and worked collaboratively with key stakeholders to build institutional capacity.

Through his various roles as an effective instructional leader, Edwards has repeatedly proved his ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations.  He advocated for high expectations, educational equity, and support for students by ensuring that teachers and administrators were well-supported. He sought to understand how social systems and people work together to obtain the desired results for students.

During his tenure as superintendent of West Tallahatchie School District, and Yazoo City Municipal School District, from 2013-2018, he served as a change agent with a well-documented track record of accomplishments that include closing the achievement gap for underprivileged and minority students, implementing new and improved educational strategies, operational programs, and instructional supports.

While serving as Superintendent of the East Tallahatchie School District from 2018 to 2021, he led the district through a global pandemic and secured nearly one million dollars for technological advancements, increased student achievement, and improved teacher retention.  He also achieved the distinguished title as the first African American Superintendent.

Having earned his degrees from nationally accredited universities, Edwards utilized his Bachelor of Science in Social Science, Master of Education Counselor, Educational Specialist in Leadership Administration, and Doctorate Degree in Education Administration achievements to be a seed sower, as he planted seeds of knowledge into the young minds of those in his community.

He continues to foster the creativity and skills that will prepare students for success and implement strategies to address academic achievement as a community advocate.  Dr. Edwards is passionate about engaging with the communities he serves. He collaborates with other government agencies, area businesses and non-profit organizations to provide the highest quality of education and care for students.