We are in the business of improving lives in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. It is a daunting task because the Mid South is home to 30% of the nation’s poverty, which has eroded the well-being of our communities, education and health systems, as well as financial security. These deficiencies—if left unhindered—will continue to grow and deny further opportunities to better conditions for families today and future generations.

The Foundation for the Mid South was established to bring together the public and private sectors and focus their resources on increasing social and economic opportunity.  Our approach is straightforward and long term: enable communities to develop solutions to better conditions and improve lives.

Our Priorities

The Foundation for the Mid South focuses on strengthening four priorities that, we believe, are the bedrock for prosperous communities and a strong region.

Our Education work supports efforts that help students succeed academically—by strengthening traditional education systems and programs and community institutions serving students.

In Health and Wellness, we work to promote physical and mental well-being in order to comprehensively improve the health status in the region.

In order to break the cycle of generational poverty, our Wealth Building work is helping people become financially secure so they can move up the economic ladder.

In Community Development, we invest in and partner with efforts that enable communities to grow and prosper.