Improve individual and community health outcomes in chronic disease, mental health, and access to care.

Our Challenge

Mid South residents have more health problems and lower life expectancy than those in other parts of the nation. Unhealthy behaviors and lack of health services contribute to these problems. Approximately 30% of adults and 20% of youth in the Mid South are obese, leading to high healthcare costs, lost wages, or even premature death. Approximately 1 million adults suffer from poor mental health, stressors which decrease learning or the ability to work. If not addressed, they can develop into serious mental disorders.

Our Opportunity

Foundation for the Mid South seeks to improve health for individuals and communities. Health is not a standalone issue; it is an interrelated part of improving our region, enabling people to learn effectively and improve their economic situations.

Our Strategy

We aim to improve individual and community health outcomes through:

Healthy Behaviors to Reduce Obesity

Increasing access to and use of physical activity and access to  fresh, healthy foods.

Mental Health Awareness and Access

Helping individuals identify everyday stressors and connecting them to resources and services to address their mental health needs.

Access to Healthcare Resources

Ensuring individuals have access to healthcare services and knowledge to make informed decisions.