Meet Jada Bass


Community Specialist of Commonwealth Intern at Springboard to Opportunities.

“I work underneath the Community Specialist of Commonwealth, Valeria Haley, and Senior Community Specialist of Lincoln Gardens, Parthenia Fields. So as Community Specialists, they are responsible for being a physical form of help to the residents within the communities. While the Community Specialists assist the adults in various ways, I assist the children in academia and social skills. I host a session called ‘P.O.W.E.R. Divas,’ which is a Springboard-funded program. Within these hour and a half sessions, I talk to the middle and high school girls about topics that revolve around personalities, self-esteem, career options, and other self-empowering core traits. Also, I host a session called ‘LitClub,’ which is a international funded program that promotes strong reading skills. Within these sessions, I promote reading through poems and short stories that each child can relate to.

“Working with Springboard has been one of the best opportunities I have been presented with. Working with residents to elevate them to success gives me much pleasure.”