Public Allies Mississippi Interns Inspired to Help Their Community

The 2017-2018 Public Allies Mississippi cohort has been busy. The now seven-member cohort, working in Jackson and in Oxford, meets alternating Fridays at the Foundation for the Mid South office in Jackson to reflect as […]

Foundation for the Mid South Announces 2017-2018 Public Allies Mississippi Interns

The Foundation for the Mid South has selected eleven native Mississippians to join the 2017-2018 cohort of Public Allies Mississippi. Brandy Nichols, Jada Bass, Kristopher Thigpen, Silas Delaware III, and Deonte Cheeks, all from Jackson, […]

Foundation For The Mid South Model Cited By Navy Secretary For Proposed Gulf Oil Spill Recovery Nonprofit

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus recently recommended Congress use a share of BP fines for restoring the Gulf Coast, specifically environmental, economic, and health impacts stemming from the oil spill. Mabus released his report to Congress on the […]

Males Of Color: Cultivating Leaders for Today And Tomorrow

The goal of our education work is to help students achieve academic success. As we move deeper into the 21st century, post secondary education is essential to meet shifting demands. The national high school graduation rate […]

Center for Family Life’s Fusion Program

The Foundation for the Mid South supported an innovative summer program aimed at keepting male students interested in education by using math and science. The goal is to get students to do better in school, […]

Using Math and Science to Keep Students on the Path to Graduation

Math gets a bad rap. It doesn’t seem as glamorous as a foreign language, and some say it’s even more boring than History. And its sister, Science, isn’t seen much better. But one organization, Fusion, […]