Helping Families Make Good Financial Decisions

Thomas and Tisha Arnold of Helena, Arkansas, are quick to tell people that they invested in their family’s future by purchasing a home and building equity and wealth.  The Arnolds enrolled in Southern Good Faith Fund’s Asset Builders program and started financial education classes to prepare them for homeownership.
Programs like this are growing steadily in the Mid South and help low-income working families become financially competent—providing both the knowledge and the ability to put into practice the good habits they learn.  As they become loan-ready for a home mortgage, families gain a firm understanding of the financial discipline necessary  to manage and protect one of the largest investments they will make in their lifetime.
Tisha says, ”I know now that I don’t have to spend every penny I make.  I need to save and build our wealth.”  She and Thomas learned about budgeting debt and the importance of saving.
Their experience has had a long-term impact.  The Arnolds started savings accounts for their retirement as well as for their children’s college educations.  “We now look forward to talking about finances,” says Thomas, “and continuing to save for the future.”
The Foundation supports activities that teach youth and adults how to save and manage their money and assets wisely.  By increasing Mid Southerners’ knowledge and access to financial programs, information and services, they will become more financially competent.  By making more informed and responsible financial decisions, they will begin to climb the economic ladder.