Foundation for the Mid South’s Virtual Session

Join our virtual panel discussion and be a force for change in Mississippi.

Galvanizing Around Justice Reform’s $3B Economic Promise

Monday, April 29, 2024  •  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Central

Galvanizing Around Justice Reform’s $3 Billion Economic Promise is inspired by the recent report Criminal Justice Reform Can Strengthen Mississippi’s Economy and Workforce, which delves into criminal justice reforms that can empower residents to take advantage of open job opportunities and boost Mississippi’s economy.

Featuring top justice reform advocates

  • Waikinya Canton, Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mississippi State Director
  • Alicia Netterville, Mississippi Justice Fund’s Fund Coordinator

Virtual Agenda

  •  Welcome and Introduction by Greg Johnson, CEO and President
  • Segment 1 – “Table Stakes” with Alicia Netterville, Fund Coordinator, Mississippi Justice Fund. This segment will address the imperative of criminal justice reform in Mississippi, outlining its benefits for the economy and workforce, the progress made, and future goals. It will also introduce the Mississippi Criminal Justice Reform Funders.
  • Organizing for Impact” with Waikinya Clanton, Director, Mississippi Southern Poverty Law Center. The focus will be on the collaborative efforts of the Mississippi Criminal Justice Funders and its grantees, encouraging broader participation in these initiatives.
  •  Q & A moderated by Greg Johnson, featuring both guest speakers.

Join the discussion and be a force for change in Mississippi.