Wealth Building

Wealth Building

Enabling Families In The Mid South To Build Financial Security.

Our Challenge

Mid Southerners make poor financial decisions because they do not have adequate financial information and training. This limits residents’ ability to acquire wealth and creates a generational cycle of poverty.

Our Opportunity 

The Foundation for the Mid South will use financial competency and asset building programs to improve the financial stability of approximately 300,000 households in the region.

Our Strategy 

We provide programs and information to enable residents to manage their finances effectively and grow their wealth:

Financial Competency

Giving individuals and families the tools they need to make smart financial decisions.

Asset Building

Assisting families to accumulate and preserve long-term productive assets, such as homes, education and businesses.

Financial Literacy Training

Learn how to grow and protect your wealth!!

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Follow along with your own copy of the Financial First Aid Tool Kit.

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