How We Work

Communities become vibrant and prosperous places to live, work, and play when residents are healthy, well-educated, financially secure, and engaged in community improvement plans and efforts.

The Foundation for the Mid South partners and invests in efforts that enable communities—leadership, residents, and institutions—to increase their knowledge and skills in order to create solutions that effectively address their unique needs and challenges.

Our Priority Areas:


Our goal is to help students succeed academically.  We support efforts that strengthen education systems and provide effective and innovative enrichment opportunities for students.

Health & Wellness

Empowering people to improve their physical and mental health is the objective here.  We promote a broad vision of health focused on the comprehensive well-being of people.  We invest in efforts aimed at promoting healthy behaviors and expanding access to physical and mental health services.

Wealth Building

We seek to enable families to become financially secure.  We accomplish this by investing in efforts that help them build assets and improve their financial knowledge.

Community Development

Our goal is to increase the number of strong, vibrant communities across the region.  We work to engage residents and institutions to develop solutions that allow their communities to grow and prosper.