Stage 1:  Concept Development

Program staff identify ideas and concepts in support of strategic priorities.  When an idea or concepts is sufficiently formed, a program officer begins outreach to potential applicants.

Stage 2:  Pre-proposal

Program staff use a variety of means to explore and refine a concept with organizations in the field.

Direct Solicitation:  When we know a particular organization is well-suited to do the work, we reach our to the organization directly to request completing a grant inquiry or proposal.

  • Discussion and dialog:  Program staff may invite the organization to join discussions as we think through a concept, and explore the organization's interest and capacity to undertake the work.
  • Grant Inquiry:  When we think it would be beneficial to have an idea documented, we invite applicants to submit a grant inquiry outlining specific ideas or concepts for the work.
  • Request for proposal (RFP):  We invite organizations to apply for funding.

Stage 3:  Proposal Development

We provide the relevant guidelines and templates for applicants to use when developing a proposal, budget, and outcomes framework.